Date: December 7, 2018

Yung Lean Surprise-Releases New jonatan leandoer127 Album, ‘Nectar’

Without any formal promotion, Yung Lean has just unleashed a new studio album under his jonatan leandoer127 moniker, Nectar.

Yung Lean/jonatan leandoer127's new Nectar LP is made up of nine new tracks, none of which are previously-released records or singles. Yung Lean's previous jonatan leandoer127 project was 2017's Katla album, which arrived in July of last year and gave listeners six songs to digest.

You can stream Yung Lean's latest jonatan leandoer127 project Nectar below. Last month, Yung Lean debuted a new mixtape titled Poison Ivy.

Earlier this year, Yung Lean shared a video for another new jonatan leandoer127 track, "Vampire Blues."

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