Date: February 12, 2019

Video of the execution of Hugo Figueroa

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat- Thank You BB follower!  Twitter 

Circulated on social media, this video depicting the execution of Hugo Figueroa nephew of Joan Sebastian, by "La Gente del Cerro". The group has been identified as close to Los Viagras, aka "LNFM" or "Gente Nueva Michoacana” the armed wing of Viagras.

Video translation is as follows by Sol Prendido

Man #1 : de Juliantla (birthplace in Guerrero, Mexicans tend to call you out based on where you originated) Go fuck your mother, you hear.
Man #2: You don’t mess with the people of the mountain fucker. So that you fucking learn, so that you fucking learn.
Hugo: What did I do, stop fucking around, what did I do?
Man #1: Shut up you son of a bitch!
Man #2: Shut up you son of a bitch!

Graphic video Below

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