Date: June 24, 2019

‘Toy Story 4’ Smashes Global Box Office Record for Animated Movie Sales

Toy Story 4 has broken the global box office record for an animated movie after it made $238m USD worldwide during its debut weekend.

The Disney Pixar movie -- which released 24 years after the original -- performed particularly well in the European and Latin American markets, yet slumped in China and failed to meet targets in the US. Toy Story 4 was predicted to make $140m USD in the US, yet managed just $118m USD.

Nine years ago, Toy Story 3 generated over $1bn USD in ticket sales worldwide -- a first for an animated film. The film's UK screening broke the record for ticket sales for an animated film, hitting $15m USD in the first three days. However, Toy Story 4 failed to smash higher box office predictions.

Despite the mixed sales figures, Toy Story 4 has managed to place as the fourth-biggest US opening for an animated movie, following the Incredibles 2, Finding Dory and Shrek the Third.

In other news, it has been officially confirmed that Tom Hardy will return to play Venom in the story's upcoming sequel.

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