Date: July 11, 2019

Sampa the Great Releases Visuals for ‘OMG’ Single, Announces Debut Album

Emerging artist Sampa the Great delivers a new set of visuals to go along with her new single "OMG." Along with the video, Sampa announced her debut album The Return, mixed by engineer Andrei Eremin, MsM, and beatmaker Jonwayne.

In her new single, Sampa addresses her African heritage and the exploration of her roots: “I personally feel that people on the continent have a duty to our family in the diaspora," she says in a press release. "[A duty] to re-teach our culture, language, spirituality, ways and return our peeps to ourselves. To me, ‘OMG’ sounds like the songs we heard in our childhood. It’s broadly about flexing your culture! Loving where you’re from and even being shocked at the realization of not knowing how dope it is to be ‘who you are.’”

Shot in her home country of Botswana, in South Africa, Sampa was able to include her parents in the "OMG" video. Her album The Return will meld the sounds of classic hip-hop and Southern African vibes to create a project that explores what it means to be home. According to her label, Ninja Tune, "The Return is an assured statement, the product of meaningful musical connections and of Sampa having to redefine her self-identity away from the comforts of family and old friends."

Check out the video above and grab The Return when it arrives September 13 via Ninja Tune.

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Back at It! Final Form Tour continues with Europe and my first US headline shows peeps. ? Hope we see you all soon! ???

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