Date: February 11, 2019

Rain Prisk Envisions What a 4×4 Toyota Supra Could Look like

With all the excitement surrounding the release of the upcoming 2020 Toyota Supra, many automotive enthusiasts have taken it upon themselves to mock up what other creations could come from the new chassis.

A new concept render comesĀ from Rain Prisk, a junior vehicle artist at Ubisoft Reflections Studio. In his creation, an off-road 4x4 version of the Supra was imagined. In the image we can see the artist has opened up the fenders to make clearance for the beefy off-road tires, added a running board, two hooks, a winch, a snorkel, a roof rack, and a front skid plate. Those interested in seeing more of Rain Prisk's Supra creations can head over to his portfolio page where he displays his love for 4x4 vehicles and shooting breaks.

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