Date: May 17, 2019

Lil Pete Debuts Video for “Honest,” the Lead Single for His Debut Album ‘HARDAWAY’

With a penchant for melodic cuts that are capable of constantly keeping speakers knocking and shattering on streets in every Bay Area hood and bear serious crossover potential (they also prove Lil Pete is a young artist with main-stage, Billboard-chart-ready starpower not commonly found in his area's cadre of artists and acts), Lil Pete has carved out his own unique lane in the West Coast's current resurgence. A product of San Francisco's well-known Fillmore District, the young and fast-rising artist comes from an area famous for its talented rap-heroes; Messy Marv, Rappin' 4-Tay, Andre Nickatina (the Bay Area Rap God once known as Dre Dog) and San Quinn are just some of the talented emcees with strong, lifelong connections to Lil Pete's stomping grounds. Now, following millions of views and streams across the multimedia sphere, Lil Pete is ready to become Fillmore's next great musical export with HARDAWAY, his first proper and official studio album. To introduce listeners to his current sonic direction and give listeners a preview of what's to come, the "Lie" hitmaker is debuting its lead single, "Honest."

"'Honest' is about the streets. What goes on in them and people that live in poverty. It's me being honest," Lil Pete tells us, breaking down his latest release and its themes. "The video is shot in the neighborhood I grew up in. In it there are the childhood friends that I still have left and there's clips where I show incarcerated and deceased friends. This is the single off HARDAWAY, it's about me giving my fans and people the story of my life."

You can take a look at Lil Pete's new video for "Honest" above, and stay tuned for more new singles and visuals from that project's rollout. HARDAWAY is scheduled to see release in June.

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