December 29, 2018

Mexico 2018: New Records of Homicides will be Set

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Vanguardia
                            Homicides grew in 27 states and 15 reached record levels in 2018

Violence increased in 3 of the 5 regions defined by Peña Nieto's government security strategy:

2018 is the most violent year in Mexico, not only because of the number of homicides, but because of the extent of the same. The increase in murders in the country is recorded in 27 of the 32 states and even though the balance left by December is not yet known, it is clear that 15 entities will reach a record level of homicides.

Among the states where homicides have increased, according to the data on the criminal incidence of the National Public Security System , there are alarming cases like the one in Guanajuato or Quintana Roo, where homicides grew more than 100% in the last year alone.  There are also other entities where the deterioration has been progressive as Baja California, where the level of murders from 2013 to date was multiplied by three.

In Enrique Peña Nieto's administration, the strategy to reduce homicidal violence focused on dividing the country into five different regions. The total data of the sexennium reveal that homicides did not decrease but increased in three of those five regions.
And in one of those that decreased, the Northwest region, the decrease in crimes is due solely to the drop in homicides in Chihuahua , while in the other entities in the area the violence increased.

As it was published last Friday, from January to November of 2018 a total of 31,285 people have been murdered in Mexico, and it is foreseen once you have the December registration, closing with a total of between 34,000 and 35,000 victims and with almost 30,000 files of investigation initiated by this crime.
This means that, at the national level, the homicides rebounded in the country during the sexennium approximately 65%.

A generalized cancer:

In the last two years, the government of President Enrique Peña Nieto acknowledged that the violence in the country had increased after the data during the first part of the sexennium pointed to a decline. However, he and his security cabinet officials - (headed by the current senator Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong) insisted that it was a phenomenon limited to certain regions of the national territory but not generalized.

The official data of criminal incidence show the opposite. 2018 will conclude with an increase in homicides in 27 of the 32 entities, that is, in 84% of all of them. And not only that: in 15 of them, that is, in almost half of the states, there will be record levels of violence.

As already mentioned among the most dramatic cases is Baja California , entity feminicides. Even though it is necessary to know the December registration, the total accumulated this year already exceeds the total number of cases of homicide of 2017 that was 2,094 cases.

A relevant fact is that in 2013 this state accumulated 775 homicides, but year after year the number was increased until reaching the current level. This amounts to, at least, an increase of 234% of murders in that entity. Baja California is one of the states that will close with record levels of violence.

This criminal growth in Baja California even caused that, in 2018, this entity has displaced Guerrero as the second with the highest homicide rate, and is located only below Colima.

Another state in crisis is Guanajuato. This year this entity already accumulates 2, 287 folders for murders committed in its territory (homicides and femicides) in 2018. It is more than double of all those committed in 2017 that were 1,096 cases. Compared with the 641 homicides in Guanajuato in 2013, the numbers point to a growth of almost 300% in homicidal violence in this entity throughout the current six-year term.

In a similar situation is Puebla that from January to November 2018 accumulates 1,049 murders and feminicides. Even in the absence of the balance left by December this total of murders already exceeds any full year of which there is registration in the entity. In comparison with the first year of this sexennium, the entity aims for a 180% increase in the incidence of this crime at the end of 2018.

Other states that, like the three mentioned, will close 2018 with a record in their level of murders are Mexico City, State of Mexico, Baja California Sur, Sonora, San Luis Potosi, Aguascalientes, Jalisco, Michoacán, Zacatecas, Hidalgo, Tlaxcala, Oaxaca, Quintana Roo, Tabasco and Yucatan.

In as much, the entities that also close 2018 with an increase of homicides with respect to 2017 but without reaching their historical maximums, are Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo León, Tamaulipas, Nayarit, Guerrero, Morelos, Campeche, Chiapas and Veracruz.

One of the few positive balances is that the entity with the highest homicide rate per 100,000 inhabitants in 2018, Colima, are among the five where murders have decreased this year. The other three four with losses are Baja California Sur, Sinaloa, Durango and Queretaro.

Failed strategy:

The government of President Enrique Peña Nieto attributed part of the deterioration of security in the country to the lack of coordination among authorities. To solve this situation, his national security cabinet divided the country into five regions so that, in each one, targeted strategies with intelligence support were established, aimed at reducing crime rates.

With the data of November, the full balance of the sexennium can be made regarding this plan. The reality is that in three of the five regions it ended worse than it was started.

The most dramatic case is that of the region that was called "Occidente" and where Aguascalientes, Colima, Guanajuato, Jalisco, Michoacán, Nayarit, Querétaro and Zacatecas were included. These states accumulated in the presidency of Peña Nieto 27,105 cases of homicide. Compared to the 14,908 cases registered in the six years of Felipe Calderón's six-year term, it is an increase of more than 81% in murders in this region.

That is to say, in the Western region, not only was the goal of decreasing homicides not met, but these rose and almost doubled.

In the Central region there was an increase of almost 39% of the homicides in the presidency of Peña Nieto. In this region, composed of Mexico City, State of Mexico, Guerrero, Hidalgo, Morelos, Puebla and Tlaxcala, there were 39, 474 folders and manslaughter investigations from 2013 to 2018, well above the 28 ,473 registered in the Calderón government.

And in the region known as Southeast with Campeche, Chiapas, Oaxaca, Quintana Roo, Tabasco, Veracruz and Yucatan included, the incidence went from 13, 587 homicides in the Calderón government, to 18,380 in the Peña government. It is an increase in absolute numbers of 35% of cases.

One of the two regions where there is a decrease in murders is in the Northwest, where they passed 29, 469 to 27,535 from one sexennium to another. However, the numbers show that this fall was caused by Chihuahua, where homicidal violence dropped by more than 45%. However, in three of the five states in this region, the total number of homicides actually grew (Baja California, Baja California Sur and Sonora).

Where there is a reduction in a more general way is in the Northeast region composed of Coahuila, Durango, Nuevo Leon (in all of them killed homicides), San Luis Potosi and Tamaulipas . The final balance in this area was 13,569 cases in the government of Peña Nieto, almost 17% less than the previous six years.

Another fact that exemplifies the failure of the strategy against homicides in the previous administration is as follows. Of the 32 federal entities in the country, there are only seven registered in the government of President Enrique Pela Nieto less cases of homicide than in the six years of Felipe Calderón. These are Chihuahua, Sinaloa, Coahuila, Durango, Nuevo Leon, Aguascalientes and Nayarit.

Note: I now temporarily leave you with all these delightful statistics and am hitting the road. PAZ !
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December 28, 2018

84 Year Old Swiss Tourist Murdered in Acapulco

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: El Sol
                   Robbers  assassinate a Swiss tourist in Acapulco in a botched attempted theft.

Two men were attempting to rob  a house but, resisting the assault, the man of Swiss origin and his wife were attacked with a knife; he died, she was taken to the hospital seriously wounded. The events occurred this morning at the Club Deportivo de Acapulco Fraccionamiento.

The morning of Thursday, in a presumed assault, a man originally from Switzerland was killed with a knife and his wife was seriously injured ,  in the Sports Club of Acapulco. Before 6 o'clock in the morning, a call to the 911 emergency service, alerted the authorities of what happened.

The events took place on Roca Sola Street in the Club Deportivo district , when apparently two men went into the house with the intention of stealing, and when they resisted, the couple was attacked with a knife .

According to testimonies gathered, the victims were on vacation in Acapulco and apparently the motive for the crime was the attempted robbery.

The 84-year-old man is originally from Switzerland and died from injuries caused by a sharp-cutting weapon. The wife of the deceased was seriously injured and taken to a private hospital for medical attention, including surgery.

The man of Swiss nationality was identified as Rene 'N', 84 years old; his 71-year-old wife, Mercedes' N, was taken to a hospital where she underwent surgery, as she had wounds on her face, hands, neck and left side.
       The motive was apparently robbery and the weapons were knives, this photo tells the story.
                                         As of this publication no one has been apprehended
The prosecutor, Jorge Zuriel de los Santos, went to the scene to lead the investigations and determine the corresponding responsibilities. The body of the foreigner was transferred to the Forensic Medical Service for the practice of the necropsy of Law.
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December 28, 2018

Chilapa Guerrero: 2 Pueblos Held Hostage by 200 Gunmen...

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: SinEmbargo
    Some 200 hit men have besieged two communities in Guerrero since last December 19, 2018

By Anarsis Pacheco Pólito, Photo: El Sur

After eight days of requesting the support of the state authority, the families remain waiting for the arrival of the army contingent, of which they know nothing but are hoping for their  support. 

The inhabitants of two localities of Municipality of Chilapa, Guerrero, requested the presence of the Army to reinforce security, but no authority has come to help them, despite being eight days without access to health services. Through shortwave radios they know what members of organized crime will do, and although they did not want to detail  this point if they are threatened with something specific, but they did say that the children are very afraid because they have listened to the messages.

Inhabitants of the indigenous communities of Zacapexco and Rincón de Chautla , municipality of Chilapa, have not been able to leave for the municipal seat since December 19, because an armed group of 200 men surrounds the area and fear being abducted along the way.

In a call it was reported that the inhabitants requested the presence of the Army to strengthen security , but no authority comes to help them, despite eight days of being unable to access health services.

"We are all very afraid. The children have stopped eating, because we heard on the radio what the armed men want to do, "added one of the inhabitants.

In the call to the Editor, it was explained that the 1000 inhabitants of Rincón de Chautla do not want to leave their community , as a precaution to not be kidnapped on the road.

In each community of the state, due to the lack of communication networks, both cellular and telephone lines, shortwave radios are used to have contact with neighboring towns. The signals from these devices interfere with those used by some armed groups in the area.

Because of this, in the houses you can listen to what the groups of armed men who operate in the Montaña region plot. But despite informing the authorities, they do not enter to support the population that demands security.

"Since September 19, these armed people settled there and they are trying to attack us. For that reason we are asking the intervention of the authorities, so that there is no confrontation, we want them to come to solve the problem, " he added.

The violence has left Tlacotepec, Guerrero, without teachers, without doctors and basic products, alerts the Mayor:

"The inhabitants insisted that through the radios it is known what they intend to do, and although they did not want to elaborate on this point and if they are threatened with something specific, they did say that the children are very afraid because they have listened to the messages."

The community of Rincón de Chautla is located an hour and a half from the municipal seat, and to get there you must travel by private car, along a dirt road.

"We are about 1,200 inhabitants, we are not armed and we do not know what we are going to do if the authorities  do not arrive," he emphasized.

He reported, without wanting to go into greater detail, that last December 19 there was a problem in the community between two families, an issue that  went wrong, and one of them was the one who called the armed group that now has both communities subject to threats.

"We do not really know who the aggressors are, only that they threatened the community of Rincón de Chautla. Although we have nothing to do with the conflict, "he said.

The inhabitants recognized that they know the people who operate in the area , therefore they are afraid that if they come to take over the community and can not defend themselves against some violent act.

Given the situation of violence, families could not celebrate Christmas Eve properly. The streets are left alone and in the two communities there is no medical attention.

"It is the first time they are stationed  up there (between the hills), we do not know what their intention is,  for that reason we ask the government to help us," he said.

He explained that due to the lack of good medical care, the sick are treated with home remedies and only pray that no one is sick of something more serious, that requires their transfer.

He commented that with the harvest achieved in this last season, families can stay within the community with the corn they already have, so they do not go to their plots to avoid finding the armed group.

Inhabitants recognized that they know the people who operate in the area , therefore they are afraid that if they come to take over their  community they will  not be able to defend themselves against some violent act.
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December 28, 2018

DEA Warns of Deadly Fentanyl Laced Cocaine Ahead of New Year’s C...

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: NY1
     DEA Warns of Deadly Cocaine Laced with Fentanyl Ahead of New Year's Eve Celebration

By: Myles Miller, NY, NY :
It's the deadliest drug in America, shipped here from Mexico and China: Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid, 30 to 50 times more potent than heroin.

Ray Donovan is the special agent in charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration's New York Field Office.

"Two milligrams is considered potentially lethal," Donovan says.

This year, his office seized a record 540 million one milligram dosage units, enough to kill the entire city.   Roughly $500 million worth of drugs stopped from hitting city streets.

"Which essentially means thousands and thousands of lives have been saved," Donovan says.

With tourists expected to flood the city for New Year’s Eve, the DEA fears many unsuspecting people may be at risk of coming in contact with the deadly drug.

"You have a lot of out of town people coming here to celebrate,” Donovan says. “It's an opportunity for a drug trafficker or a distributor to pass drugs along to these potential users. And they might think they're getting one particular drug, but in fact they're getting fentanyl."

Between 2013 and 2016, overdose deaths involving fentanyl increased about 113 percent per year, according to the CDC.

New York is a hub for fentanyl sales cross the northeast.

"We often see large shipments of heroin and fentanyl coming into the city and getting dispersed throughout the northeast as far up as Maine as far down as DC and West Virginia," Donovan says.

There have been several high profile deaths associated with the synthetic opioid—originally created to treat end-stage terminal cancer patients.

In 2016, Prince died after ingesting a fatal amount of fentanyl.

Recently, the toxic mixture of cocaine and fentanyl led to the death of popular rapper Mac Miller.

Most drug users think they are buying pure cocaine or pure heroin, but it couldn't be farther from the truth.

So why would drug dealers, whose number one goal is to make money want to sell a deadly cocktail that could kill their clients?

"It's about market competition,” Donovan says. “To make their narcotics stronger and to make is so that the user wants to come back. They get hooked faster."

And it shows: the most recent stats released by the state put opioid-related deaths up 60 percent from 2015 to 2017.       Nationally, nearly 60 percent of all overdoses were opioid-related. 

Have a Safe and Happy New Years ; Feliz Año, Cuidense Amigos !!
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December 27, 2018

Baja, Ca: Decapitations and "Entambados" and "Encobijad...

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Unimexicali
                           TJ Talley, Dec 25 Christmas Day: 2,477 Murders 192 in Dec alone

TECATE BC: Two decapitated bodies are found in the neighborhood road to the Manteca Canyon of the Nueva Hindú settlement, Cerro Azul section. The corpses are masculine, both were tied at the hands and feet.      Authorities reported that animals were already starting to eat corpses.

TIJUANA BC:  They kill another 6 people in the city, two of the victims are women and another one left ''entambado'', ie , in a barrel. This was "Noche Buena" or Christmas Eve, Dec 24.

On the 23rd of Dec, 7 more were killed in various Colonias in TJ.

On the Via Rapidido  West Road in the Colonia Imaq Tijuana  two bodies of men in a state of putrefaction were located inside an abandoned wooden house.

The second victim, a female, was found on Encinal Street in Colonia Ejido Francisco Villa, who was injured by a projectile from a firearm.

Another female body was located in the Independence Route of the Mariano Matamoros Norte colony inside a shopping center, which presented injuries by firearm projectile.

         At least two murders were recorded during the past December 25, both of male people. 

Elsewhere in the city,  on Avenida Del Sol in Colonia Nueva Aurora,  a lifeless body wrapped in a carpet was located on the public road.   Finally, on Avenida  Mutualismo  of the Zona Norte neighborhood on public roads, a corpse was found inside a barrel.

Tijuana Talley, Dec 25 Christmas Day: 2,477 Murders 192 in Dec alone:

In the first case a subject lost his life in the facilities of the Red Cross after an attempt to save his life as a result of several contusions in his skull, caused at an unspecified point in the city. Identified as Andrés Julián Jasso Montero, aged 32, it was determined that the cause of death was cerebral edema.

Another man, this one of unknown identity, lost his life in the street Moscow, Colonia Sección Costa Azul, for causes not yet determined. It is worth mentioning that the body was found on an alley, and was gagged with gray adhesive tape, while its upper extremities were tied to the back. 

With these homicides, the figure for the year increased to 2,477, of which 192 have been carried out during this month of December. The majority have been men and the most common motive has been the firearm.
                                                         Murder Weapon of Choice

Another person without life was located on the street of Cerro de las Cruces street, Mariano Matamoros Sur neighborhood. 

Authorities went to the indicated place, where they located the victim , sex not specified, wrapped in a brown blanket, and a black bag, ie "encobijada".   The causes of death also remained as unknown. 

Report indicates that in a vacant lot there is a person lying in a public way wrapped in a blanket, Municipal Police confirms the incident refers a person without life wrapped in a brown blanket and in a black bag sex unidentified.

More in TJ; 3 Detained After Attempted Murder at Motel:

After carrying out detonations of a firearm against a man, three subjects were arrested by the Municipal Police, who  confiscated two long firearms. 

When patrolling on Boulevard Diaz Ordaz and Avenue Jauja of the Colonia La Joya, officers heard shots coming from the De las Joyas street, and headed towards that road. 

In that place they observed a Toyota FJ Cruiser that circulated at excessive speed and without respecting traffic signs, so the driver was stopped, who ignored the instructions, generating a chase.

The vehicle in flight was intervened on the Vía Rápida Poniente at the height of the Arboleda colony, there descended the crew: who were identified as José Ángel "N", 29 years old, Guillermo Guadalupe, 20 years old, and José Miguel "N ", 23. 

During an inspection the agents located within the Toyota FJ Cruiser, two long assault rifle type firearms, both caliber .223. 

Simultaneously officers who attended the incident at the Motel La Joya, where the gunshots were originally heard, they located man who had bullet wounds in the parking lot, and moments after emergency units arrived to move the injured to a hospital.

MEXICALI, BC: Reports "Saldo Blanco" , ie No major incidents, which in my judgement is an inaccurate statement to say the least.

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December 27, 2018

Jalisco: 40 Criminal Cells Dedicated Solely to the Disapearance of Peo...

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Milenio
                              In Jalisco, 40 "narco-cells" are dedicated to disappearing people
      According to reports, these groups operate mainly in the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara.
                                  Students and their supporters will be Protesting Today

By: Jorge Martinéz Guadalajara, Jalisco:

The security and intelligence bodies of Jalisco are aware of at least 40 cells of organized crime dedicated to disappearing people in the state. That is his modus operandi to fight rivals and intimidate extorted villagers.

Sometimes they also kidnap innocent people, confused with members of opposing gangs, as apparently happened with the young film students captured in Tonalá, according to the first investigations of the local Prosecutor's Office.

Some of these squads of assassins, to hide the crimes they perpetrate (where kidnapping is also included), choose to dissolve in acid the corpses of people previously killed with blows, with sharp objects, or with firearms.

According to official reports, criminal groups operate mainly in the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara and its surrounding municipalities, but also in municipalities in the interior of the state, especially those located on the south coast.

The Jalisco State Human Rights Commission issued a report on missing persons on March 23, in which it states that in the five years of the administration of Governor Aristóteles Sandoval, 14,000 people have been reported as "untraceable".

The report of the state ombudsman documents that the majority of victims are young people between 19 and 25 years old.

Regarding the case of the young people, the Attorney General of the State of Jalisco completed two arrest warrants for the crimes of disappearance and murder against Gerardo "N", arrested for his relationship with the murder of Javier Salomón, Daniel Díaz and Marco Ávalos, the students of the University of Audiovisual Media, deprived of their freedom on March 19.

Officials of the Prosecutor's Office, consulted by MILENIO, pointed out that the crimes in which "Gerardo N" intervened were committed a year ago, and other members of the same criminal cell involved in the death of the three film students participated.

The people killed by Gerardo and his accomplices were distributors of drugs from Tonalá, at the service of the Jalisco Nueva Generación cartel, CJNG, who did not pay certain fees, ie piso or extorsion fees.

The agent of the public prosecutor of the common law integrates more folders of investigation against "Gerardo N", by his presumed relation with other illicit ones, like robberies and injuries.

On the other hand, in the statements of the accused before the ministerial authority, it was established that a subject nicknamed "El Cochiloco" , leader of the criminal group responsible for the illegal deprivation of freedom, torture and death of Javier Aceves, Daniel Díaz and Marco García, He ordered the murder of one of the participants in the crime, identified with the nickname "El Cazón" , as they feared that he would expose the police to more involved in the matter.

Witnesses declared that "El Cazón" had "remorse" after assassinating the students, and ... he ran with the same fate: he was killed by ten bullets in the street 5 de Febrero, in the Colonia San Carlos, in Guadalajara.

MILENIO announced in its April 25 edition that the other arrested in the case of the disappearance and death of the three CAAV students, Christian Omar Palma Gutiérrez, better known as rapper QBA, charged the amount of 3,000 pesos a week to the Jalisco New Generation cartel for dissolving corpses of murdered people.

QBA and Gerardo "N" were under the orders of a subject identified as "El Cochiloco" , plaza chief of the Jalisco cartel in Tonalá, according to intelligence reports from the prosecutor's office.

Authorities are continuing to search for six other members of the criminal group related to the murder of the young students, among whom are people nicknamed "El Kalimba" and "El Jetón" .

Today, Another Journey:

This Thursday students from the University of Guadalajara, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Universidad del Valle de Atemajac and the Technological Institute of Higher Studies of the West, as well as members of collectives made up of relatives of missing persons, will be demonstrating at 5:30 p.m.  (TODAY) through the streets of downtown Guadalajara, to demand the resignation of Governor Sandoval Aristotle and to clarify the case of film students.

The contingent will depart from the rectory of the University of Guadalajara, located at the confluences of the Enrique Díaz de León and Vallarta avenues. It is expected the participation of at least 2,000 people, who will be dressed in white.

KEYS and the Drama that Comes;

Cardinal Carlos Aguiar Retes affirmed that the murder of three young film students "is a tragedy that saddens us as a country".

When officiating a mass for the 10 years of the death of Ernesto Corripio, the Archbishop said that the case of the students "we should worry the whole society."

Accompanied by Norberto Rivera, Aguiar Retes called on the Catholic faithful to banish hatred and violence.

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December 27, 2018

Human Remains Found in Cancún and Playa Del Carmem...

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Yucatan
On a dirt road of the 206 Region of Cancun two dismembered human bodies were found , while in Playa del Carmen a skeleton was found in a green area of ​​the 75th Avenue with 38th Street , which was discovered because dogs took part of a leg.

In Cancún, residents of Colonia Oasis reported to the emergency number 911 the finding of at least three black bags with human remains on 20th Avenue in Region 206.

They were in black bags:
Elements of the Municipal and Ministerial police verified that inside the bags there were rest of what seemed like two dismembered human bodies. Part of one of one of the bodies was outside the bag and showed that the remains were exposed to fire.

They left them at dawn:
The agents, who cordoned off the area awaiting the experts of the State Attorney General's Office (FGE), explained that the neighbors said they did not know who left the human remains there, which apparently happened at dawn, so that the Forensic Medical Service asked if anyone could provide more accurate information.

The Find in Playa del Carmen:
In Playa del Carmen, emergency number 911 received a report on the discovery of a skeleton on 75th Avenue and 38th Street.

The area was cordoned off by the Municipal Police, while the Ministerial Police undertook the investigations and transferred the remains to the Forensic Medical Service for the necropsy of the law.
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December 27, 2018

Mexico’s Clericide: 26 Priests Murdered in the Sexenium of EPN...

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Proceso
           "If I can kill a priest, I can kill anyone"; 26 clerics Murdered in Peña's six-year term

Special Report and Interview: by Rodrigo Vera
Dec 25, 2018

In the administration of Enrique Peña Nieto, organized crime reached a tragic record of 26 murdered Catholic priests, compared to the 17 killed during the term of Felipe Calderón, ( generally referred to when he put The War on Drugs on steroids).

With this "clericide," as the religious expert Omar Sotelo calls it, criminal gangs seek to provoke "social destabilization" in communities, demonstrate that nobody is safe and silence a sector that, like journalists, "generates public opinion."

Considered the most tragic for the priesthood in Mexico and only surpassed by the period of the Cristero War, the government of Enrique Peña Nieto left a balance of 26 priests killed by direct attacks and by the mere fact of being religious  ministers, they are crimes that to date have not been clarified, so they remain in complete impunity.

Omar Sotelo Aguilar, director of the Catholic Multimedial Center (CCM), has just presented a report on the priests killed during the Peña Nieto government,  His Interview is below:

"After the period of the Cristero War, Peña's administration was the most disastrous and tragic for the Mexican priesthood; 26 priests were killed, a very high number, never seen before and well above what the average had been in these cases. "

Statistics in hand, Sotelo indicates that during the administration of Ernesto Zedillo , 3 priests were killed, with  Vicente Fox in office there were 4, but with Calderón the crimes went off the records charts to 17 and with Peña to 26.

Give another fact: in Latin America 14 priests were murdered in 2017 and half of these crimes, seven, occurred in Mexico, which - he says - "remains the most dangerous country to exercise the priesthood, despite the fact that its population is mostly Catholic. "

Explain the origin of so much crime:

"The increase in murders coincides precisely with the start of the war against drug trafficking that Calderón initiated and continued Peña Nieto, a war that our institutions were not prepared for, which were even infiltrated by organized crime."

"And for what reason are the clerics attacked?

-Because the priest is a kind of social stabilizer; In his parish, not only spiritual, but also educational, health, human rights and assistance to migrants are provided. Organized crime knows well that killing a priest causes social destabilization in the community, thus sowing fear to be able to act at will.

"It is no coincidence that both priests and journalists, two entities that generate public opinion, are being targeted by organized crime. There is a reason behind these crimes. And here the message that is sent is very clearly: ''If I can kill a priest I can kill whomever I want''. "

- It can not be said then that the priests are collateral victims of the war against the drug trafficking?

-Of course not. They are being killed just for  being priests. They go against them directly. We are facing a Clericide, you can not call it another name.  But in addition these crimes , they are executed with a tremendous viciousness: first they kidnap the priests, soon they subject  them  to strong tortures and finally they kill them.

"After the death comes the defamation, whose objective is to criminalize the priest, accusing him of being a pederast, ( pedophile) , dissolute or being in collusion with the Narcos. For the authorities investigating the cases this represents a very easy way out and they end up saying: ''They killed him because he was looking for it''. This is how the matter is shelved and the crimes remain unpunished. "

- Of these 26 cases of murdered priests how many have been resolved?

-None. Absolutely none, not one.  There are investigations in process, suspects, people who are detained  and then was left free, data without clarifying that they come from a judicial bureaucracy that does not give any certainty.

He gives as an example the murder of priest José Ascencio Acuña, who was killed in September 2014,  in the Guerrero community of San Miguel Totolapan, presumably by members of organized crime in collusion with municipal government personnel.

"In that case there were arrest warrants against the then PRI deputy Saúl Beltrán, but they were not executed and the matter was practically shelved; Four years after the events, there is no prisoner responsible, "says Sotelo.

The same is exemplified by the murders of Germaín Muñiz and Iván Añorve, which were riddled on 4 February on the Iguala-Taxco highway. Although the governor of Guerrero, Hector Astudillo, personally promised the Bishop of Chilpancingo, Salvador Rangel, that the case would be resolved quickly, to this day the criminals remain free.

"These priests, on the other hand, were defamed, saying that they were gay, that they had links to the Narcos and other organized crimes groups," the interviewee comments.

And he mentions the well-known case of Cardinal Posadas to emphasize the high level of impunity:

"Wow! The crime of Cardinal Juan Jesús Posadas Ocampo is still not resolved 25 years away. There is not even a single detainee for the case. What can be expected then from the cases of murdered priests? "

The victims:

Omar Sotelo is a Pauline religious theologist ,who, through the CCM, every December presents annual reports on the murders and aggressions against the Mexican clergy. Last year, he published the book Tragedy and the Crucible of the Priesthood in Mexico, a more systematic investigation based on these reports.

And now he has just presented the evaluation of the sexennium 2012-2018, a comprehensive report on these aggressions occurred during the administration of Peña Nieto, in which he details the dates, places and circumstances of each case.

The report states: "In the 2012-2018 period, peace is the great absence in many regions and localities of the country; violence reigns.  For the Catholic priesthood in Mexico it has been a tragedy: in the last six years 26 priests lost their lives in a violent way ".

He mentions the five entities where the greatest number of murders and aggressions against priests and agents of evangelization took place: Guerrero, Michoacán, Veracruz, Chihuahua and Mexico City.

Sotelo goes on to clarify the sexennial report: "Crimes against priests are not strictly religious persecution for hatred of the faith; in most cases there are features of a new way of violently harassing the pastoral action of its evangelizing agents; when a priest is attacked, disappeared or executed, an element of social destabilization is introduced, giving rise to the growth of fear, impunity and violence in various entities of the country. "

Also, the report mentions some "causes" for which the priests are being killed:

First, it indicates that priests are "uncomfortable" with organized crime when they denounce the "shortcomings" that exist in various regions of the country, hence they are annihilated.

Another cause, he says, is for "their clashes with the political powers in turn," which take revenge using the murder. And also - the report goes on - because parish priests are an "easy target" for criminal gangs, because they lead a "solitary life" and must minister pastorally to isolated communities "without any measure of security".

He mentions the names of the 26 priests killed during the sexennium: Víctor Manuel Diosdado, José Flores Preciado, Ignacio Cortez Álvarez, Hipólito Villalobos, Joel Román Salazar, John Ssenyondo, José Ascencio Acuña, Rolando Martínez Lara, Gregorio López Gorostieta, Francisco Javier Gutiérrez Díaz ; Erasto Pliego, Israel Garrido, Alejo Nabor Jiménez, José Alfredo Juárez, José Alfredo López, Felipe Altamirano, Joaquín Hernández, Luis López Villa, José Miguel Machorro, Germaín Muñiz, Iván Añorve, Rubén Alcántara, Juan Miguel Contreras, José Moisés Fabila, Ícmar Arturo Orta and Miguel Gerardo Flores.

It also points to two priests who are still missing: Santiago Álvarez Figueroa, from the diocese of Zamora, and Carlos Ornelas Puga, from Ciudad Victoria.

He mentions five other religious practioners who were kidnapped and then released: Luis Antonio Salazar, José Luis Sánchez, Óscar López, Juan Carlos Alatriste and Enrique Madrid.

The report  also refers to "the attacks" against three religious precincts: at the headquarters of the Conference of the Mexican Episcopate, in Mexico City, a homemade bomb was thrown at the dawn of July 25, 2017; the Cathedral of Matamoros, Tamaulipas, suffered another bombing attack on March 1 of this year, and shortly after the temple of San Antonio de Padua was attacked, in the same city.

The report does not ignore the incursion of an armed group in the house of Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, in Mexico City, which occurred on October 21 and in which one of the cardinal's guards was killed. According to the city attorney's office, it was an attempted robbery.

However, Omar Sotelo outlines his doubts: "I doubt very much that it was a thwarted robbery. It was an armed raid in broad daylight and knowing that Norberto Rivera and his guards were in the house. The attackers entered firing. Thieves do not operate that way ... I suspect there are more substantive things that need to be investigated. "

It indicates that the Mexican bishops and cardinals have been reluctant to express the threats and  death threats they receive; However, "little by little they have opened up. Today we know of several bishops threatened with death, such as Raúl Vera, Salvador Rangel, Ramón Castro, Maximino Martínez, Miguel Patiño and Juan Sandoval Íñiguez, among others ".

- Like Norberto Rivera, do these bishops have guards?

No, I do not know anyone else who currently uses escort, for a very simple reason: the Bishop and the Priest want to maintain direct contact with their faithful, be close to the people. They do not want a security bubble so they do not touch them ...... and they are men of peace.  And of course, that has its risks.

- On the other hand, some dioceses and the same episcopate have issued security protocols for the temples. How effective have they been?

-Yes, closed circuit surviellance systems are placed, the perimeter fences of the atriums are reinforced and several other measures.; but in the end  a temple is an open house, it can not be closed or with restricted access. A Priest  must give service to all people.

"Unfortunately, the attacks and robberies to the temples have increased, even have begun to be systematic, despite security protocols. The faithful are assaulted in full mass and the theft of sacred art is common. The custodies, the sacred vessels and other objects of liturgy are stolen. It is so serious that, in the six years that just ended, each week there were an average of 26 robberies or attacks on the churches. "

And regarding the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Sotelo is concerned about the implementation of the National Guard because he believes it will be to continue the militarization.

He concludes: "López Obrador promised in his campaign to return the Army to its barracks. But today in the government its actions are heading towards the same militarization that causes us so much havoc. He promised one thing and begins to do the opposite. But it is too early to make a conclusion, his government is just beginning. We'll see what happens".

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December 26, 2018

Shooting in Acapulco leaves Five Dead and One Wounded...

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Televisa and ElSol
On December 25,  Christmas Day , a shootout was reported in the Arboledas subdivision of the Vacacional neighborhood in Acapulco Guerrero, where five people died, including a minor, as well as a wounded person.

According to local media, the shooting occured between El Quemado and Teófilo Olea Leyva streets of said subdivision , a suburban area of Acapulco.

First versions suggest that a group of armed civilian individuals stopped in front of the building and opened fire on a group of people gathered for a  Christmas celebration on Tuesday afternoon.

Agents of the Police of the State went and  cordoned off the zone of the crime, whereas effective the army guarded the place; According to the information provided by the authorities, the attack occurred outside a house that allegedly operated as a slot machine business.

In the place they found the bodies of three men killed on sight, in the patio of a house; one of them wore a green shirt with a short brown, another with a white shirt and checkered bermuda shorts  and another one closer to the door, wearing blue denim trousers and a pink shirt.

Police elements found outside a house one more body of a man, which was taken away by personnel of the Forensic Medical Service.

Relatives of the other two victims took the bodies to their homes; while a child under one year of age was taken to Donato G. Alarcón hospital, where he died.

Another man who was also wounded was taken to El Quemado hospital, where he lost his life. One more was injured, however, his health is unknown.

It is worth noting that El Sol de Acapulco is reporting 100% occupancy rate at hotels in the Tourist Corridor and the police report "Saldo Blanco" , ie no major incidents and the collection of 16 Tons of garbage collected after the first night of the holiday celebration weekend.

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December 26, 2018

Los Rastreadores Pray for their Loved Ones on Christmas...

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Debate
                          Please God, forgive the ones who disappeared my son:  The Trackers

Abel Sarmiento gives voice to the search group Las Rastreadoras de El Fuerte through a moving video in which they wish a happy Christmas to their children "wherever they are".

Los Mochis, Sinaloa Through an emotional video, the search group Las Rastreadoras de El Fuerte wish a merry Christmas to their missing children , "wherever they may be".

The material published by the creator Abel Sarmiento is a moving message that gives voice to this group of women who day by day struggle tirelessly to find their loved ones, and some who have already found them and now have a grave where they can visit them.

"My God, I know that today is a special date for you, it is December 24 and I know that today your son was born." 

NOTE: Try as I Might I FAILED at getting a copy of the Prayer Video off of FB. If you go to the link at top , ie DEBATE, it will play. It is a beautiful thing in a world of darkness for these families. Text below............the video is spoken word in Spanish.

''From father to father I say to you my Almighty God, take pity on us and please forgive whoever did not appreciate my son , forgive him because I already did it, " the voice mentions, while showing images of some of the searches made by this group looking for clandestine graves in the north of the state in which there could be bodies of victims of enforced disappearance.

"Forgive him and soften his soul, soften his heart and light up his conscience so he can tell me even secretly, so softly and anonymously where my son is (...) Help me, it's hard for me, and there are times when I can not find the way out. Today, I would like to shout to everyone that I have a happy Christmas, but I will only have it when I have my son by my side, even if it is in a grave. "

"Son, wherever you are, I wish you a Merry Christmas, and never forget how much I love you and that I will look for you until I find you."

For those of us that do not have to live this reality, Be eternally grateful..........for any of you that do , wherever you are , I wish from the bottom of my heart that this strong statement and prayer gives strength for you to carry on. Sincerely, Yaqui

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December 26, 2018

Shelter in Place: Code Red in Piedras Negras on Christmas Eve...

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Vanguardia
Shooting of Christmas Eve in Piedras Negras: Element of Fuerza Coahuila and a lawyer are killed

Subjects on board four vehicles fired at the police unit in which the uniformed men were traveling in 
Piedras Negras.  Around 9:00 at night, the red code was activated in the Piedras Negras metropolitan area , after elements of Fuerza Coahuila were attacked and  after several trucks were detected with armed persons inside.

Through the WhatsApp groups of the state corporation the maximum alert was broadcast, mentioning that the subjects wore hoods of skulls, aboard at least six trucks, including a black Chevrolet Tahoe.

It was indicated that they circulated on the Republic Boulevard, in the direction of the Las Haciendas neighborhood, and later entered the gap known as the  Camino Viejo de Mortalidad, ie "old road to mortality", where the attack against the police forces began.

The State Security Commission indicated that the action to fight crime was carried out in a coordinated manner, between Fuerza Coahuila and Municipal Police, which are still in search of those responsible for the combat that left two dead and one injured.

After the report of detonations in the sector of Las Haciendas, a patrol of the state corporation went in with  support, and its occupants were greeted with bullets, causing the death of one of them that was unofficially identified as "El Panda", belonging to the "Condor" reaction group .
The gunmen later moved to the height of the Ford dealership, where they intended to strip a subject of his truck, however he resisted and caused the subjects to shoot at him, taking his life instantly; the deceased was identified as Armando Valdés, who was a lawyer.

In addition, a stray bullet, during the confrontation, injured a minor of 16 years identified as Claudia Lorena , who was immediately transferred to clinic number 11 of the IMSS , where she is reported out of danger, with a wound in one of her legs.

Currently various police forces are in search of those responsible for the events, for its part the Municipal Police recommended citizens to take shelter in their homes, and not leave if it is not necessary.   

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