Date: December 3, 2018

Al Letson Reveals: Jerome Corsi

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation has already led to seven convictions or guilty pleas, the most recent being President Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen. Twenty-six Russians and three Russian companies have also been indicted.

In a special podcast, Reveal host Al Letson speaks with someone who fears he may be added to the list: right-wing Infowars journalist and conservative author, Jerome Corsi.

Corsi provided Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting and other media organizations with a draft of a Justice Department document that accuses him of being the middleman between Trump’s presidential campaign and WikiLeaks, which released Russian-hacked emails ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

In the Justice Department documents, the special counsel’s office offered Corsi a plea deal, accusing him of lying during the investigation. Corsi told Reveal that he did not lie, he just has a bad memory. He now refuses to take the plea deal, because he says he would have to commit perjury to do so.

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