Date: January 12, 2019

A24 Shares Terrifying First Trailer for ‘The Hole in the Ground’

A24 keeps its auteur films a coming for 2019, this time offering up a horrifying glimpse of what's to come with The Hole in the Ground.

Following the success of Hereditary, The Hole in the Ground is A24's next venture into the horror genre, which tells the story of a mother, Sarah, and her son, Chris, who move into a secluded home in a rural town. Looking for a fresh start, soon things begin to take a turn for the worst after a mysterious hole is found in the forest behind their house.

Directed by Lee Cronin, The Hole in the Ground will hit the Sundance Film Festival circuit before making its way to theaters across the globe on March 1; the film will also make its way to DIRECTV January 31. Check out the first trailer above.

The official synopsis reads:

"Trying to escape her broken past, Sarah O’Neill (Seána Kerslake) is building a new life on the fringes of a backwoods rural town with her young son Chris (James Quinn Markey). A terrifying encounter with a mysterious neighbour shatters her fragile security, throwing Sarah into a spiralling nightmare of paranoia and mistrust, as she tries to uncover if the disturbing changes in her little boy are connected to an ominous sinkhole buried deep in the forest that borders their home.”

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